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Voice and Text apps / online buy Amaryl pills cost without pres
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About us and Community Rules! / Registering on the Forum
« Last post by ragnarok2k on February 11, 2017, 05:52:16 am »
Please read the Community Rules post before you register on our forum!

Your username has to be the same that you use on Steam and other platforms for identification purposes. If other nicknames apply write them down on your personal text.

It also helps everybody out if you place the games that you play in your signature so that you can easily find other members that share your interests.

Registering to this forum will give you access to information regarding our hosted games and other tools!

About us and Community Rules! / Community and Forum rules!
« Last post by ragnarok2k on February 11, 2017, 01:25:17 am »

- Official Community Language is English (written and verbal), secondary community language is Portuguese (verbal and in specific channels only!).

- No spam allowed.

- No cyber bullying, political, religious, racial or any type of prejudice is allowed.

- All members must save the Genesis Unity Gaming or G_UNITY brand from any political, religious and racial prejudice with penalty for those who do not adhere to these rules.

- Respect your fellow guests in order to be respected! All members must uphold polite and respectful manners when dealing with other community members, guests and any other parties. Common good sense is the key.

- Please do not use abusive/offensive nickname's or avatars.

- Adhere to the instructions of the ADMINS, and MOD,s and follow chain of command within forum and any community services, games or media channels to avoid warning, kick or ban.

- External links to any intrusive/abusive sites that include malware or any other security issue will be deleted and punitive actions will be taken to member responsible.

- Viewer discretion will be advised in specific areas.

- All members are forbidden to use any service in our servers for illegal/illicit or publicity purposes.

- Any suggestions regarding the community should be addressed to the Admin team for review.

- Recruitment to any administrative positions must be reviewed by the Admin board.

- Only Admin team can decide punitive measures if there is need to and the admin has the power to make changes regarding community members or guests. Exceptions to the rules are only allowed to and by ADMINS and only with due documented reports.

Best Regards,

GUG.XYZ Administration
About us and Community Rules! / Who are these Genesis geek guys?
« Last post by ragnarok2k on February 11, 2017, 01:24:39 am »
We are a group of gamers that would like to bring toghether clans, gamers and people into one gaming community!

Sharing a platform where all of you can convene we not only host several games but we provide other tools for you to excel in your gaming.

We have been connected to gaming since an early age and have played in several platforms but we have our focus on PC.

We are proud to say that we welcome everybody in an international community where English is the main language and to use the main channels to promote and lead our community to the next level.

Feel free to discover our website:, our hosted servers or just chime in with your suggestions and comments!

Geekest regards!  ;D
Discord / Genesis Unity Gaming Discord Server
« Last post by ragnarok2k on February 09, 2017, 11:49:25 am »

Discord has become a great communication tool for many people around the world, especially gamers! We GenesisUnityGaming have a registered discord server which is open to members and guests alike!

If you want to use this server you just have to use this link and you'll be ready to meet the geek team and other members in no time!

It will open a browser page but you can also download the app here:

You will be prompted to register your account in Discord, (which we recommend!) and make sure you spend some time adjusting your audio settings before you start.

The options will be displayed after you press the cogwheel button on the bottom left area of the app, right next to your nickname.

Inside our server we ask you to use the same nickname that you use on your Steam account or other similar services, or even our forum nickname for identification purposes! Please consider registering in our forum for easier access!

We would like to remind all of our members and guests that we are a toxic free community and all rules of the community and forum apply to our Discord server!

After all of that you should be able to rock! See ya there!
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